Our Services

  • Website Design: Innovative Graphics and Layouts with Creative Content. Our designs are an attractive cut above with user friendly options and navigation tools to enhance visibility and encourage viewers to visit beyond the Home Page.

  • Website Hosting: We offer service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Q-Tek Host owns the Servers that host our client's sites cutting out the middle man so to speak. This not only means savings for our clients but providing more reliable infrastructure which means less down time and better accessibility for the public domain

  • Website Search Engine Promotion: We make sure that key words and phrases that viewers use in the various Search Engines for your product and/or service match those that are used in your site. The result is maximum exposure to your company!

  • Website Content Updates: Because we offer all the service features and don't "sub-contract", we can monitor the website engine and make content updates to keep up with the times. In today's dynamic market, there just is no other way to go!

  • Website Consultation: Since we do all the work from inception, we can also make suggestions and cater to your needs while making good business recommendations along the way. We put every effort in getting to know our clients and their business so that we can best service your needs.

  • Custom Graphics Development: By keeping a strong hand on the pulse of the graphics market, we are able to offer professional, crisp designs that position your company proudly. We have graphics libraries to suit your direction.

  • Website Creative Content Development: We have our own creative team that can assist with content development to keep you in the scope of the web and help you maintain the competitive edge. We will make sure that your company is well represented, while keeping your search engine hits at a maximum.

  • Company Logo Development: Have an existing logo? We can assist in the design of a new logo or update your existing logo to be bolder, more appealing, or jump off the page. Our creative team is always eager to provide a wide array of choices so that you can best position your product or service.

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